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Bannock Ingredients

Here's a list of ingredients needed to make bannock. Please watch and complete the assignment below.   Click here for the assignment.
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Virtual classroom

  Here is the Nēhiyawēwin 6/7 virtual classroom. You will find links that are also in this blog. Enjoy!

Nēhiyaw Okiskinawāmākēw Ms. Pahtayken

  Tānisi!! Welcome to the computer age! ēkoni ōma ēkwa matawapicīcikani kika apacihtaya! Watch the video by clicking on my picture. Kanwāpatamok ōma cakascēyipayis! These are my children and grandchildren (two grandchildren missing). In the 1st picture is: Marcus, his partner Jennifer, and stepdaughter, Alexa. 2nd picture is Dana and his two sons Chrystian and Nolan. 3rd picture is Misty and her daughter Sienna.

Julia Ouelette Itwewina

This is Julia Ouelette, she is a Cree teacher in Joseph Big Head Reserve, I will be utilizing her videos for some of your assignments.